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That means you think we might be a good fit! I'm glad you're taking the extra step and is interested in learning about me, it is important we connect!


I'm a Gemini, 24 years old and Brazilian! ⚽️🇧🇷
I'm a mother to the sweetest and most intelligent little boy, who gets me on my toes 35x a day! I deeply love Coca Cola and Steak with fries. My favorite weekend adventure is hiking and road trips.
I'm in the middle of my healing journey from childhood trauma.
Motherhood Photography sets my heart on fire.

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To Summarize

My Birth Country

A fact about me


I've always loved to be involved in social projects that included children 

The friend who babysits every one of my friends kiddos, the auntie, the first to raise a hand when it comes to going out to eat, the social butterfly.
I have worked with children in many different areas for years.
Including having my own, which has definitely been the hardest one so far!

Our group was in charge of gathering donations for the children of a small part of a community known as "city of god" (cidade de deus), one of the biggest "favelas" of Rio.


I’m a lover of Psychology, anything childhood development related! I practice gentle parenting at home, raising emotionally regulated children. I have a positive attitude about life and enjoy hikes, exploring and finding new places to see all over Colorado, as much as I loved rappelling during my teenager years, now a days I prefer to go paddle boarding up on Pikes Peak or hiking with my pups.
On my lazy days I like to binge watch true crime documentaries, science fiction and The Last Kingdom series. Lastly, my current favorite TV Show is House of the Dragon - and no, I will never forgive the ending of Game Of Thrones.
Most people I know would say I'm EXTREMELY organized and OCD, I call it efficiency and a little bit of trauma response.

my "adventurous" self

also known as:

In 3 years living in United States I have visited 14 states, learned 2 languages, became a mother and built a business from scratch and I can safely say;
i'm proud of myself!

 Watching my father cry as he unloaded my suitcases from his truck was one of the hardest things I've ever had to watch, sometimes it feels like I left half of my heart behind. Off to a place where I had only myself and my faith in the universe, speaking a language I had only spoke twice, with a free soul and a suitcase full of dreams. The first few months of this big adventure were spent in San Francisco, CA. I was an exchange student and was loving all the beautiful Northern California sceneries.

My first big adventure

I want my clients to know what I’m here for, my reasons why I chose to be here and give all of me to be one more boat in this ocean of extremely talented professionals in today’s photography industry.
I don’t have any answer other than, photography has brought me back to life. As a child I have always romanticized motherhood more than any other girl my age, I have dreamed of becoming a mother since I can remember. I have always been able to see the power and resilience that it requires, until I became one. Suffering from PPD and struggling mentally, financially and personally, I knew I needed something to make me feel alive again, to make me want to wake up in the morning and be able to get out of bed, be a better person, better mother and help support my family. After doing photography as a hobby for a while I found out this passion was way deeper than I ever imagined it would be, it gave me the motivation I needed and watching my growth completely changed everything for me. I was able to learn so much about myself and to use it as an escape, as a way to put all of my feelings to use in a creative way and improve not only my skills but my personal life too, it helped me express myself in a way that nothing else did, meeting people and their stories completely changed the way I saw the world.
Showing real feelings and emotions is my main goal for every image I capture. Photography has given me the will to live again and be better every day, I put all my heart into my images and do everything I can to create an Art that represents YOUR story, YOUR love, YOUR resilience, YOUR strength and battles, life is not only made of good moments and sometimes we need to feel motivated by the underlying beauty that gets lost with the day-to-day stress of life. Let me do this for you! Let me show you the beauty that shines through you and capture the love that keeps you going too! 

My Why

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